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Columbia Missourian

FROM READERS: When will the first snow hit Columbia?

By Andrew Gibson/Missourian Reader
December 19, 2012 | 6:00 a.m. CST

Andrew Gibson, a junior at the Missouri School of Journalism, runs the website Show-Me Missouri Weather, "a weekly blog aimed at going beyond daily forecasts and looking at weather in innovative ways." This information has been republished from his site with his permission.

Isn’t Missouri weather fun? In Columbia on Dec. 1, the high temperature reached 67 degrees, according to The Weather Channel. One week later, it was 46 degrees — a nearly 20-degree drop.

What Columbia hasn’t yet seen, though, is snow. Given the state’s volatile weather, I wondered: Does it vary widely when the first snow hits Columbia?

The following graphic answers that question for 2000 through 2011. The years on the calendar mark when Columbia saw its first measurable snow, as measured from the MU weather station. The data comes from Weather Source. 2001 means the winter of 2001 — so when you see that year placed on Jan. 6, it means the 2001 winter went without snow until January 2002.

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