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FROM READERS: Paxton Keeley students draw their favorite celebrities

By Christopher Wolf
February 15, 2013 | 6:00 a.m. CST
Paxton Keeley Elementary students picked their favorite celebrity to draw for Carol Stoddart's art class. This student chose Missouri forward Laurence Bowers.

A group of Girl Scouts from Paxton Keeley Elementary School came to the Missourian to take a tour of the newsroom. After we talked about how cool it is to work at a newspaper, a few of the Scouts were chatting about an art project they had recently completed, in which they drew their favorite celebrity.

The community outreach team at the Missourian thought these drawings would be great to share with our readers, so we asked their art teacher, Carol Stoddart, to share them with us.

Below is a slideshow of the students' work. After looking through a few of them, you might wonder if Gangnam Style fever has reached epidemic levels among Columbia's youth. (You'll also find drawings of Missouri's Laurence Bowers, along with lots of singers,  athletes and historical figures.)

To see captions that indicate the artist for each picture, click here to see the slideshow on

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