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FROM READERS: 'At the Tav'

February 19, 2013 | 6:00 a.m. CST
Margaret Prezioso-Frye contributed this photo of her son and daughter from one of their traditional trips to Boone Tavern for "Burger Madness" every Sunday. Her son worked at Boone Tavern during his undergrad career at MU.

Margaret Prezioso-Frye remembers her and her family's favorite place to go on their "Burger Madness" Sundays.

Boone Tavern will always be a landmark for my family, and I do not doubt most of Columbia. It was one of the places I'd take my kids for Sunday night "Burger Madness." And after my son began working there as a cook throughout his undergrad years at MU, well, nothing changed for us. Over the years we got to know the manager, the waiters and waitresses, those regulars who were always there, and of course, we already knew one of the best cooks The Tavern ever had! Not that long ago before it finally closed its doors, I decided to stop by "The Tav" as we all called it, to see what might be on the dessert menu. I lived on Eighth Street then, and as I approached, a lump began to form in my throat from the memories. You see, my son lives abroad now, not around the corner, my daughter was home with the baby that day so I was braving this alone. I sat out on the patio and looked around our familiar place.


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I began writing this while waiting for my coffee to arrive.


About Sons: At The Tav

It was a Sunday afternoon and     

     Even after watching a splendid variety of vampire drama

I know I’m not compelled in what I say

     I’d made such a healthy Sunday dinner and thought I’d find 


Setting out reliving in my mind the poor selection I know I’ll find

     According to my taste buds anyway

How the Cafés have no variety and limited cakes in my 

   midwestern exile, I'm from the East you see

      Intriguing were desserts in Istanbul, a place that redefined sweets   

         for me

A more unique variety in Middle Eastern cuisine


Deciding a place to go I mused, “what are the odds” then    

    journeyed back 

      We used to meet up the three of us and all the friends

Those regulars who lent character and helped create atmosphere

      You cooked so your sister’d be spoiled but you’re not there   


It caught in my throat, as I walked not far from my place

      What kind of exercise can I call that

But how will it feel, a question I didn't have to ask


So I thought about the desserts I might find, noticing my   

         reflection as

     I passed restaurant glass, a little jab to distract from the stab

Well I talked myself out of Death by Chocolate right then

     Not in shape for that yet, does that make sense

I read through the menu crossed decadence off my list to settle for

     A scoop with chocolate sauce and iced coffee

The place never made espresso no sense to complain and it was

     All that my pocketbook would allow anyway so

I combined them both into Coffee Royal as the cicadas     

        drowned music piped out to the patio

     Yes cicadas decided to stop by and start the summer off

As numerous as any biblical plagues recorded eating trees in their 


     The coffee should mellow the white wine and liquor I had


So I can walk and smooth out what I saw in my reflection   

              and aid digestion

     But when all's said and done, I don't think I'll go there


 Miss you son

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