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FROM READERS: MU student co-founds Bottlcap app on Google Play

February 28, 2013 | 10:00 a.m. CST

Brad Siegler is a senior journalism student at MU studying strategic communication. He is the co-founder and CEO of Bottlcap, an app that brings subscribers coupons, drink specials and other content tailored to a specific location. You can find the beta version of Bottlcap on the Google Play store here

Over the past several months, a few dedicated friends and myself have spent countless hours imagining, developing and tweaking an idea that we believe in. What is this belief? We believe in people tuning themselves in to their current environments and not out of them. And on February 20, we together celebrated our first notable milestone with this grand idea: entering the Google Play store with the beta version of our app, Bottlcap.


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Bottlcap Beta is the first functional, user-friendly version of our app that we felt comfortable pushing out to market, and it is certainly the first of many iterations and updates to come. Currently, Bottlcap Beta is a fairly lightweight version of what we ultimately imagine Bottlcap to be. It is capable of bringing you content relevant to your current location, directions to nearby bars and restaurants, as well as photos, videos and music from fellow patrons. With our app you won't waste time searching through irrelevant content posted by your friends who might not have went out that evening, or who may even be states away from you. With Bottlcap, you’ll see instead a feed that is full of what’s happening in your environment, right down to your very location.

Although I can’t give up all of our “master plans,” a select few of the possible features that we are toying with are as follows:

This has been an exhilarating, long and at times frustrating process. However it most importantly has been one thing: worth all of the effort that we’ve put in. I also must admit that I’ve learned more during this relatively new project than I have in any educational endeavor. We learned on our feet, we optimized early and often and we completely pivoted on our strategy halfway through the whole ordeal. Yet through all of this, I am absolutely positive that we are on the right track to what we set out to accomplish at the start - to change how people interact with their current environment.

It has certainly been a strange process thus far. It’s new, it’s foreign, it’s nothing I’ve learned to handle in school, but more than anything else, it is fulfilling— truly and deeply fulfilling. The entrepreneurial experience is something that I think has the potential to change your life for the better through you changing others’ lives for the better. And the reason that I’m choosing to document this process is because it certainly can be helpful to most, even if it isn’t relevant to all.

We are encouraging people who are interested in this idea that we believe in to download the app, use it, find aspects you love, find aspects you hate, and most importantly, let us know what you think! 

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