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FROM READERS: John Hall's camera captures creatures during winter's final days

March 14, 2013 | 10:00 a.m. CDT
John Hall captures winter's final days

John Hall frequently photographs his mid-Missouri surroundings, and he has been sharing his images with the Missourian for several years.

The camera still works but not much can be said for the owner of it. Somehow the camera hasn't done much lately except cover a house fire Monday afternoon that fortunately didn't do much damage. With every fire wagon, ambulance, policeman and emergency vehicle from far and wide descending on the area I figured it would be the photo challenge of my life. Thankfully, it wasn't so. So, what is being shared is the mundane things of my less than exciting existence.


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Then it was time for the end. The little squirrel will never sit like that again.  That was the last time it will ever crawl up there to munch on the goodies "stolen" from the bird feeders. Yes, there is a time and a season for everything.  

Nineteen years ago I saw a little fellow placed across the fence from me.  I watched it as it grew to maturity and how proud it was.  Then, last summer it wouldn't rain and due to a lack of enough drinks of water it took sick and this last fall it was deader than a door knob.

Yesterday, it gave in to a chainsaw and while it took that pine tree 19 years to grow that tall it was cut down and hauled off in less than three hours.

If you can't view the photo gallery above, you can view it directly on Flickr.

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