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Columbia Missourian

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Sid Sullivan shows qualifications for office

By Virgina Bzdek
March 23, 2013 | 6:00 a.m. CDT

I'm voting on April 2 to elect Sid Sullivan mayor of Columbia. His qualifications include an MBA in finance, graduate degrees in philosophy and sociology and work experiences in business and public administration. Sullivan is a man of compassion for the astoundingly high percentage of Columbians living in poverty. He is a data-driven decision maker with a focus on policy formation and is an experienced communicator who will actively promote the participation of all residents in local government.

Sullivan ran for mayor three years ago with a platform that held most of the same serious concerns he has identified this time around: policy formation, infrastructure financing including affordable housing and disability access and an advisory committee to the mayor on job creation. This should be an alert to Columbians. We can't afford to be complacent. We must deliberate thoughtfully and carefully, weighing the crucial differences between the mayoral candidates before voting. Sullivan's approach to the role of mayor will reflect the same attention to what matters most to Columbians.

Virginia Bzdek is a Columbia resident.