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FROM READERS: Stephens College to host Senior Film Showcase on April 6

March 28, 2013 | 6:00 a.m. CDT
Jordan Laguna and Connor Relyea perform a scene in "The Love Fighters," a fictional film by Stephens College senior Emily Damiano that will be featured at the Stephens' Senior Film Showcase.

CORRECTION: The photo with this story was taken by LeeAnne Lowry. It was originally credited to the wrong person.

Janese Silvey is a story specialist/strategist at Stephens College. This story was published in an earlier iteration on the Stephens College website.


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Remember that apple—the poisonous one that sent Snow White into a coma? Turns out, it’s from a green apple orchard and might not have had such a bad attitude had the townsfolk just picked the darn thing.

Or at least that’s the back story in “Deadliest of Them All,” a new animated short film created by Stephens College Senior Kelli Devon Ross.

Want to know more about the apple’s life story? Ross and other seniors in Stephens' film-making program will screen their films during the annual Senior Film Showcase Saturday, April 6, at Macklanburg Playhouse. The free, public event begins with a reception at 7 p.m. followed by the screenings at 7:30 p.m. Student directors will field questions from the audience after the show.

Ross is a fan of fairy tales and has caught herself wondering how those iconic props came to be (Magic Mirror, you’re next).

Senior Kelcie Mattson blended her two interests to create her film, not an easy feat considering she wanted to do both a Sci-fi flick and film noir—think shadowy figures from 1940s detective movies. The result pokes fun at both genres. Expect clunky props such as a tinfoil spaceship and visibly strapped-on alien antennas.

“I know the audience will either think the film is really funny or they just won’t get it,” Mattson said. “Obviously, for some, it’s not going to be their thing, and I understand that…But I do hope they laugh.”

Ross created her animation by drawing characters and scenes, then retracing them using a graphic and animation software program. Working with actors would probably have been easier, she said, adding that she had to think and act for all of the characters.

But people can create challenges, too, Senior Emily Damiano discovered during her film, "The Love Fighters." One actor dropped out mid-project, and a man with a chainsaw disrupted one day of filming. Still, she ended up with a finished comedy about a woman who makes herself a superhero costume to mask a broken heart. 

“It was a lot of hard work,” Damiano said. “I’m very proud to get it finished and that it looks nice.”

The showcase lineup also includes:

Although there are several documentaries, subjects will be diverse, said Kerri Yost, associate film professor.

“This is one of the most varied Showcases we’ve had,” she said.

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