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Columbia Missourian

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Weitkemper backs positions with data, facts

By Derrick Fogle
March 26, 2013 | 12:00 p.m. CDT

COLUMBIA — When I look at each Fourth Ward representative's Facebook pages — Bill Weitkemper, Ian Thomas and Daryl Dudley — there's one outstanding candidate: Bill Weitkemper.

Bill has posted concise position statements on virtually every issue in Columbia today. He proves his comprehensive knowledge of city government with extensive use of facts, figures, budgets, background information, laws and ordinances, committee functions, etc. This display of knowledge and experience is amazing and completely unmatched by any other candidate or even sitting council representative.

Bill's opponents have demonstrated very little specific knowledge of city government. Their campaigns are virtually devoid of position statements or data on city budgets or functions. That should raise a big red flag to anyone who cares about effective representation and efficient governance.

Bill's Friday, March 22,  Facebook post recapping Thursday's CoMo Disabilities Advocacy Network Candidate Forum is a perfect example of city representation done right, He spent time listening to the stakeholders and directly acknowledged their needs and concerns. He summarizes relevant law — Americans with Disabilities Act — and cites specific city ordinances, including their history. Then, he makes very specific recommendations on efficient, effective improvements. This is the hallmark of a great representative!

Bill offers uniquely extensive experience in city government. He stands mountains above the others in his willingness and ability to listen, share information, details and exactly how he intends to leverage these qualities to be the best, most effective Fourth Ward representative.

Please vote for Bill Weitkemper on April 2. Thank you.

Derrick Fogle is a Columbia resident.