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FROM READERS: Stephens College's Ten Ideals reveal identities at Honors Convocation

April 16, 2013 | 6:00 a.m. CDT
The 2012 - 2013 Ten Ideals revealed themselves at Stephens College's annual Honors Convocation. Pictured from left to right are Logan Weber - support; Sierra Lewis - respect; Kelli Ross - responsibility; Megan Tongue - leadership; Mandy Viar - sensitivity; Stacey Silman - creativity; Chastity Hollamon - creativity; Emily Hedden - intelligence; Taylor Grant - independence; and Colleen Perry - courage.

Janese Silvey is a story specialist/strategist at Stephens College.

Members of super-secret Ten Ideals at Stephens College have spent the school year keeping tabs on do-gooders around campus, rewarding those who demonstrate virtues such as respect, courage and leadership.

Last Monday, they revealed their identities at the annual Honors Convocation.

The Ten Ideals is a concept that dates back nearly a century at Stephens, a list of 10 virtues that Stephens women adhere to. This year, the entire group has embodied creativity, President Dianne Lynch said, calling the Ten among the most creative students she’s worked with. This year, in addition to keeping watch over the campus, the group has created art exhibits they’ve put up on campus in the wee hours of the morning to surprise students and employees.

The main job of the Ten, though, is to promote the Ideals. Throughout the year, members, all seniors, reward students and employees with cards and gifts to recognize them for demonstrating the 10 campus virtues.

The Ten Ideals also recognize outstanding employees and students at Convocation, including the Stephens College Security team, which received this year’s “Best Private Citizen” award.

New this year was the first Philip Coleman award — named after and awarded to Lynch’s husband, who served as the group’s “secret buyer” and supplied them with the crafts items they needed to complete their art projects. But the Ideals are so secret, not even Coleman knew their identities until Monday: Only Lynch is privy to that information.

The 2012-13 Ten Ideals are:

Support: Logan Weber
Respect: Sierra Lewis
Responsibility: Kelli Ross
Leadership: Megan Tongue
Sensitivity: Mandy Viar
Creativity: Stacey Silman
Belief: Chasity Hollamon
Independence: Emily Hedden
Independence: Taylor Grant
Courage: Colleen Perry

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