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Columbia Missourian

PHOTO GALLERY: Game night at Valhalla's Gate draws players

By Sarah Ng
April 24, 2013 | 12:45 p.m. CDT
Board game players gather on Tuesdays to play "Warmachine" and "Hordes" at Valhalla's Gate.

COLUMBIA — Every Tuesday night board game players gather to Valhalla’s Gate to play games and build a community. All are welcome at game night.   

Players either bring their own board games or purchase them at the store. They could also borrow board games from the library at Valhalla’s Gate.

“We try to play a new game every week,” said Josh Carpenter, who is a regular player.

The popular types of board games are German board games, which involve a mixture of strategy and luck. There are multiple ways to win a game, and they are contrasted with American games, which progress linearly.

Some of the games played involve miniatures, such as "Warmachine" and "Hordes." Players purchase and paint miniatures that they use to play the game. William Franklin, a "Warmachine" and "Hordes" player, spends about $1,000 for all his miniatures.

“It is a labor of love,” Franklin said. For many players like Franklin, it is creating a different dynamic to a regular chess game.

Valhalla’s Gate organizes a "Warmachine" and "Horde" tournament every month.