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FROM READERS: A poem about spring weather

By Shared by Margaret Prezioso-Frye
June 3, 2013 | 6:00 a.m. CDT

Margaret Prezioso-Frye is a single mother of two children who moved to Columbia in 1987. She often writes poems and shares them with the Columbia Missourian. This poem has previously been published on her blog.

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I thought today
What did I do, what can I say
Infinitesimal snakes, very tiny you see
Laid out on concrete, what on earth could they be
As I walked overhead
Birds chirped, “Time to eat”
Silly I guess
But it’s what came to me

Fragrance of flowers
In the air everywhere
Not one to be seen, where's the smell from
No need to care
Geese honking on
They visit, then gone
A couple are here
Alight, gander there
No worry, no care

Gravel's gone, back in place
Washed across sidewalk space
Thanks monsoon spring rain
Necessary, not
To happen again
Landscapers rejoice, just hear their voice
More work to do
Facilities cry, together lament
More money is spent

Weather symbol casts doubt
Lightening, clouds, rumble
Thunder clap, rattle
Electricity's out
But the sun’s shining through
As I write this to you
It could happen still
Later on, we will know
Nature’s discretion when it comes to her show

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