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100 AGES, A CENTURY OF VOICES: Harold Reisch, 92

By Katie Alaimo and Alyssa Goodman (video) and Andrew Wagaman (text)
June 9, 2013 | 6:00 a.m. CDT
Harold Reisch, 92.

You can almost see Boone County grow up before your eyes. Today, the Columbia Missourian unveils 100 videos, one for each age from 1 to 100. In these videos, Boone County residents tell a small part about themselves that together weaves a cross-generational story about us.

COLUMBIA — Harold Reisch knew he was called to preach by the time his phone rang during his sophomore year of college.

An official told him two small churches nearby needed a pastor. Despite his inexperience, they thought he’d be better than nobody.

Reisch preached for nearly the next 70 years before finally stepping down about four years ago. Now 92, the pastor is ambivalent about retirement.

“To this day it’s tough for me,” he says. “I’d rather be doing it than not doing it.”

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