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Columbia glimpses largest 2013 supermoon

By Kelly Moffitt
June 23, 2013 | 1:29 p.m. CDT
The perigee moon shines above the bur oak tree in McBaine on Saturday. The perigee moon, or supermoon, happens once a year and is 14 percent larger than when the moon is at its farthest distance from the Earth.

Last night, the moon rose high and large over Columbia.

It was the largest 2013 supermoon, also known as a perigee moon. Some full moons can seem larger than normal, but Saturday night's moon has been the only perigee moon in 2013. For a perigee supermoon to appear, two conditions need to be met:

Columbia residents took the opportunity to tweet photos of the moon and discuss its pros and cons. If you missed it last night, the next time you'll be able to see a moon as big will be in August 2014. 

Did you take photos of the supermoon last night? Send them to us at or tweet at @CoMissourian using the hashtag #supermoon. We'll include your photos below!

Columbia resident Val Germann shared this photo of the supermoon, taken just after midnight on Sunday. It was made using a 6-inch refractor telescope and Sony DSLR. Germann belongs to the Central Missouri Astronomical Association and has been a member since 1978. Can't see the photo? View it on Flickr here.

Val Germann—Supermoon 2013 photo

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