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ROSE NOLEN: Don't depend on politicians to make the situation better

By Rose M. Nolen
July 30, 2013 | 6:00 a.m. CDT

Between 1876 and 1896, the first telephone and the first practical electric light were invented, the first skyscraper was built and Henry Ford’s first car hit the streets.

I have to wonder what was going on in America during those 20 years that made people’s imaginations so fertile.


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It seems to me these days that we’ve lost a lot of that imagination. In fact, no one seems to be excited about anything anymore.

The only thing that seems new is the latest computer program. And there is always a new computer program.

So now that maybe we have invented everything we need, we can settle down and learn how to get along with each other. It’s amazing that people can learn to perform so many difficult tasks but can’t learn to love their neighbors as themselves.

There are so many divisions among us that it’s difficult to find anybody that is on the same track. We’re divided by race, sex and class. We are divided by money. People with money divide themselves from people without money so they don’t have to share.

One of the reasons we need to get together is to look for ways to get out of poverty. We need to be using our heads to survive. We may as well stop looking for the government to rescue us.

Most of our politicians are no longer the good guys. They are not looking for opportunities to lift up the citizens.

Can you believe that while individuals and families are trying to survive on food stamps these politicians are talking about trying to clear the deficit?

Why weren’t they thinking about the deficit when they were going off to war in foreign countries?

Why aren’t we getting together and having meetings in towns and cities across the nation, figuring out what assets we have and how we can put them to work in our best interest?

When are we ever going to get these politicians straightened out to the point that they understand why we put them in office?

People need jobs. They have families that need to survive. Time is of the essence. We can’t wait years for this economy to pick up.

Of course, a few people have more money than they need, but they could care less about how the other people get along.

We need to start coming together folks and get this situation under control. The politicians aren’t interested in our welfare. Can we get that message?

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