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FROM READERS: Health specialist busts a few myths

By Ellen Schuster/Missourian Reader
September 24, 2013 | 6:00 a.m. CDT

Ellen Schuster is an associate state specialist with the MU Extension. This article was originally posted on the Mizzou Nutrition Mythbusters blog Sept. 18.

Myth: Drinking fluids keeps me hydrated.


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Answer: BUSTED!

Most of us have grown up with these messages in our head: “Keep hydrated!” and “Drink eight glasses of water a day!” Recent data indicates a strong growth of sales of drinks at convenience stores. For many people, these drinks mean consuming more sugary drinks like soda, fruit drinks or sports drinks. Using the excuse that we need to be hydrated as a reason to reach for a sugary, high caloric drink is not true. There’s nothing wrong with drinking more water if you enjoy it. Do we need eight glasses of water each day? No. We get enough fluid in the foods we normally eat, especially when we eat more foods like fruits and vegetables, which are mostly water. There’s no scientific basis for the “eight glasses” myth.

If you enjoy drinking water and would like to make water more flavorful, try these ideas:

For more information about water myths click here.

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