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Columbia Missourian

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Blunt's actions show little regard for Missourians

By Deborah Miller
October 5, 2013 | 4:51 p.m. CDT

This letter was directed at Missouri Sen. Roy Blunt. 

Senator Blunt,

I am – as well as hundreds of thousands of others – know you have aided the Democrats and Harry Reid with your vote for cloture while working to save your political career in voting “no” to adding back Obamacare language to the continuing resolution the House now has in hand.

If Ted Cruz's filibuster did one thing, it revealed career Republican and Republican in name only politicians to the grassroots of America. It revealed those who desperately work to cling to their Senate jobs under the guise of working for their constituents, for those who elected them into office.

By voting “yes” to cloture then “no” to adding back in Obamacare language, you have made clear your one true goal: To make a career of being Senator, to protect your job at all costs.

With that one action, you have demonstrated little regard for the welfare and the well-being of American citizens, not to mention Missouri citizens. To have aided the Democrats and President Obama, you have sided with those who have little to no regard for our Constitution.

As our Constitution continues to be eviscerated and shredded by the very people who have sworn to uphold the most sacred of documents to the American people, my hope along with millions of others put into those who represent us has diminished.

While it is easy to understand McCaskill for what she is: A true Democrat. You hide behind a cloak that is more blue than red. But be certain, I along with thousands of others know you for your true color now. That color is not for upholding our Constitution, not for the betterment of life and the pursuit of happiness. Your cloak represents a colored truth of self-serving, self-centered ambition.

But, Senator, your actions, thoughts and deeds will remain with you for the remainder of your life. Honor is easily carried. Dishonor, being unethical, greed and fear is a burden that will follow you into your old age.

And while you are lavished with the most generous retirement provided by sweat, worry, frustration, anger, and tears of millions of others who work to survive in the shadow of government tyranny and the worst economic stress since the depression, you will be reminded many times over of your greed and desperate attempt to retain your job as Senator.

Deborah Miller is a resident of Howard County.