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Columbia Missourian

ROSE NOLEN: In America, we can't live without people

By Rose M. Nolen
October 8, 2013 | 6:00 a.m. CDT

It is amazing that people are expected to work without pay. There are people among us who should never be without a paid job. These are the people on whom we all depend even when we don’t realize it.

These people in Congress who shut the government down need to be fired themselves. We cannot afford to have our government shut down. There are too many positions that are too important to be unstaffed. Certainly, we need law enforcement officers on duty at all times. We never know what can happen with no one watching out for us.


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We live in an uncertain world. Things can go wrong any place, any time. We have too many areas of our lives that are unmanned. We never know when we are going to need help. We cannot live without firemen, for example.

We need to make up our minds that we need people. We have designed our lives to be dependent upon others. It is ridiculous to imagine that we can get along alone.

It is unfortunate that many people do not like the president of these United States. The language many use in discussing him is unfortunate. Some people in America are racist, and they can’t get over it. People who dislike people of other races are in for a hard time because ultimately white people will be a minority.

It is in the best interests of Americans to learn to get along with each other. We have many immigrants in our country. We need to learn to find a way to make our country big enough for all kinds of people. There is going to be no place in the country for people who want to live by themselves and with others who are like them.

This is a democracy and people are determined to be free. Racists need to get over themselves. We all have to live by the rules, and there will never again be a place in America for people who can’t live with other people.
 There are always going to be people who don’t like certain laws. They have to learn to live with them until they can be changed. Nobody knows this better than African-Americans.    

We need our government at work.     

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