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FROM READERS: Thank you, Almeta Crayton, for your service

By Missourian Reader Community
October 15, 2013 | 6:47 p.m. CDT
Rev. E.V. Cason wrote: "Get well quickly. Thanks for contributing to this community. Just keep giving it all you've got."

Columbia is keeping its collective eye on the medical condition of Almeta Crayton, the city's first black councilwoman, who is in critical condition. Her contributions to our community have been many, and the Missourian is inviting you to share your messages of thanks.


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Here are some messages we've collected so far. (See them in an album on Facebook here.)

"Get well soon! Columbia needs you." — Becky Covington









"God Bless you, you are a wonderful human being." — Miguel Rodriguez















"Thanks for all you have done for Columbia!" — Barb Mayer















"Almeta is a wonderful person that would help any and everybody. Thanks Almeta. We all love you. God bless!" — Morie Kitchen








"Get well we miss u. Much Love" — Gloria Wright and Family















"Thank you for ... helping bring joy to lives of so many of my Oakland students." — Danielle Johnson















"Thank you, Almeta for all you have done serving Columbia Mo." — Sheila Turner

"All that you do for folks. May the Lord watch over you and I'll say prayers for your speedy recovery." — Mike Penning

"Thanks for all you do with our community especially everyone eats." — Darrell Barnes

"Get well quickly. Thanks for contributing to this community. Just keep giving it all you've got." — Rev. E.V. Cason

"It is in my greatest hopes that those of us in this community would hope that the legacy of Ms. Crayton would continue to encourage all of us who wish for hope." — Tim Thrower Jr.

 Kay Jackson holds a sign with messages of support and thanks from friends of Almeta Crayton. Some people chose to sign this message with well wishes and shows of support.


This was submitted as a Facebook comment:

"Almeta, you have been a favorite person of mine since first becoming acquainted with you and that wonderful little boy in the 90's - so many lessons and gifts that you share by being you each day. Thank you! Praying for you." — Jane Ellen Ashley

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