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FROM READERS: A story about the luckiest mouse alive

November 2, 2013 | 6:00 a.m. CDT

Angel Becker breeds rodents and shares them with the community.

Rov recently had babies. They are all beautiful and ready for homes, but no one has a story much like our baby, Lucky Inochii (Life), who has only 3 legs.


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Little Lucky was born with 14 others. What makes her life so lucky is more than one incident.

First, little Inochii was checked on with the others. All was well so I turned in for the night.

However, when I woke I waited to check on them for I could hear them feeding. Upon checking on them I found an unusual thing, my head count came up up to only 14.

I looked all over again and again only to pause to listen. I heard little tiny soft cries and saw the poor thing hung by its leg.

I gently untangled it from the bed (which was tossed out) and tried to rub life into its leg. It was no use with having swelled two to three times it’s size.

The leg was dead. All I could think was how it would die from infection or struggle hard with the large weight.

Immediately, I clamped above the red with hemostats and used a sterile razor on a fresh paper towel. It had to go if I wanted to see it live. So I cauterized the wound, put on some antibiotic and made it a sterile bed upon a gentle heating pad.

Panicking, I called around and went to the neighbors when no one answered. I had to get kitten milk and feed it for it was starving and cold, about to die. Momma abandoned it only for she could not save it. No one was home.

I stood by the bed on the heating pad and rubbed life into it while I waited. Not too long afterwards I rushed carefully outside with the baby and bed.

I had heard a car door and lucky surprise it was the neighbor guy. He had groceries, so I asked, “Please, after you put those inside could you take me to get kitten milk for this poor, unlucky mouse?”

He saw as I quickly explained the situation and agreed very helpfully to lend me a hand. I put the baby back on its heating pad and got the kitten milk. For 2 days I had fed it and kept it in the sterile bed with antiseptic.

Then on the third day, it refused the kitten milk so I put it with mommy and she happily fed it back to life. Though it was smaller and less progressed than the others, it got around well and began growing fuzz.

The day before it took a slight tumble to the floor. Stunned a bit we were concerned, but mommy took care of it and we named it Lucky Inochii (Life) the very next day.

Inochii’s eyes are open now and she gets around very good with her stump. Inochii is the luckiest mouse alive and super spoiled and loved.

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