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FROM READERS: Columbia man shares poem, "A Little Thought"

January 13, 2014 | 6:00 a.m. CST

Michael Tomkins likes to do different things. He's been a commercial videographer, a counselor, a garbage man and worked with troubled adolescents. He's lived in an alternative living ranch in southern Missouri, hitch-hiked around the Western and Southwestern states, and has lived a year out of mainstream society (something he thinks everyone should do). Currently he drives a truck, but he'd like to quit and travel in India.

A Little Thought

Oh, how often I cry my little tunes of selfish righteousness.

Blame you, whoever you may be,

As I add to my collection of guilt.

But I am little, it is your fault.


I welcome my familiarity, it would be fearful not to.

Society is to blame, politicians and the like … teachers, whatever,

Not me … maybe you.


Then sometimes something comes over me

After I’ve rested and become quiet.

I dream that I am not what I see, neither are you.


Same desires, same goals, all different.

Same thoughts, similar actions,

Look and you will see.

This feeling keeps coming back, it must be true.


Let me not condemn nor judge.

Let me welcome instead, you

Into my heart.

It is a mess but basically clean.


For I know now you are my treasure.

You have loved me, you have angered me, you have fought and you saved me.

I am lost without you and I am not without you.


You are me and I, you.

No trouble,

No hassle,

Just One, so very simple.


One same and different, alike and not,

Just a thought, just a little little thought.


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