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Columbia Missourian

Allegations dismissed in case between Missouri basketball's Earnest Ross and Zach Price

By Megan Armstrong
April 16, 2014 | 10:00 p.m. CDT

COLUMBIA — Former Missouri basketball player Zach Price arrived to the Boone County Courthouse on Wednesday morning to face allegations of four counts of suspicion of domestic assault. Price and his attorney Patrick Eng waited for the hearing to begin for more than an hour.

"Mr. Price and I were there and ready to proceed," Eng said in a phone interview on Wednesday. "These allegations are totally false."


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Eng said it was an unusually large docket and the computer system had glitches, causing all hearings to be delayed for nearly an hour. But, as it turned out, Price's former Missouri teammate, Earnest Ross, never showed up.

Due to Ross' absence from court, the hearing, along with Ross' original restraining order against Price, were dismissed.

Ross had filed a restraining order against Price to the Boone County Circuit Court on April 2. The petition was related to Price's two arrests in a single day stemming from allegations of domestic assault.

Missouri then dismissed Price from the basketball team on April 10, ending his career as a Tiger before it could begin. Price, a transfer from Louisville, was not eligible to play until the 2014-15 season.

Price's dismissal from the team came as a shock to both him and Eng. Eng said he was surprised by Price's dismissal from the team because charges were never filed.

"It was so swift," he added. "So swift in such a short period of time. I think that we are less than 10 days from the day since the allegations."

The case is not closed because it has never been opened by the prosecuting attorney's office, but Eng said he's unsure if charges will ever be filed against his client.

"My client was summoned to be in court to answer to Mr. Ross' allegations of what happened," Eng said. "We were ready there to do that, and he did not show up and that did not happen. So, it's dismissed.

"We are obviously thankful that that didn't happen, but we were ready and willing and able to dispute everything that was alleged in there. Everything."

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