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Columbia Missourian

Philips Lake project receives state aid

June 4, 2007 | 12:00 a.m. CDT

Columbia Parks and Recreation received a state Department of Conservation grant intended for use toward facilities at Philips Lake.

Although official notification is pending, Marlyn Miller of the state Department of Conservation confirmed that the $157,000 grant will be awarded.

The grant money will be used for amenities such as fishing docks, restrooms, boat docks, and a paved parking lot and entrance road to help enhance the location for fishing.

Mike Griggs, park services manager at Columbia Parks and Recreation, said that these additions to the site will be completed and ready for use next spring.

In the meantime, Columbia Parks and Recreation is waiting to start any work until an official notification from the Department of Conservation is received. Parks and Recreation also must wait for federal permits before beginning any work.

“A lot of it is going to depend on how quick we get official notification and how quick we can get permits and plans approved,” Griggs said.

Philips Lake is still not officially opened for fishing and won’t be until Bristol Parkway, the road that currently provides access to the lake, is opened for public use.

“Once Bristol Parkway is accepted by Public Works, we will officially open the lake for fishing,” Griggs said.

There has been discussion of putting together a temporary road and parking area so that once Bristol Parkway is opened, there will be somewhere for fisherman to park, Griggs said. But even a temporary road and parking lot will require waiting for plans to be completed and permits to be obtained.

“We want to put a temporary road and parking lot where it would actually be,” Griggs said. “That way, whenever we’re ready to asphalt, we can just asphalt. We want to be sure that it won’t impede or restrict any future planning for the site.”