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Columbia Missourian

Search malfunctions frustrate Missourian editor

By Tom Warhover
October 5, 2007 | 5:00 p.m. CDT
Tom Warhover is the Columbia Missourian's executive editor for innovation.

Dear Reader:

You’re looking at a frustrated editor. (Ignore the smile in the picture. Insert your own mental image.)

I look at every day and wince at the note that its search function is temporarily disabled. I talk to Missourian staffers who have a hundred great ideas that can’t make it to your laptops or desktops. New features require super stealth skills to find. If you have anything to do with MU, for instance, you really will want to check out the U.Town blog. As the old saying goes, you can’t get there from here — the blog, constantly updated by Missourian reporters with news about MU, isn’t on the Missourian’s site.

Or you could look to another blog for updates on what I have called the most important local story of the year: the search for the next high school. It’s here. This one actually resides on the Missourian’s site. But it sure is hard to find.

The ire is pointed mostly at myself. I miss the mark every time I think there has been enough money and muscle put toward development. This programming stuff isn’t easy, or quick. The Missourian has an excellent group of people working on making all the Missourian sites some of the best in the business. Much as I wish it, they don’t work 24 hours a day.

You’ll have a killer Web site. If it doesn’t kill us first. In the meantime, if you see something that could use some improvement, let me know. Managing Editor Reuben Stern is making a list. And checking it twice.

That’s not to say you don’t get a pretty good site already. This season, the Missourian sports staff has consistently provided quick reporting on MU football games. I realize that most of Columbia will actually be in Memorial Stadium for that little game this weekend. (How many friends and relatives are camping out in your living room Saturday night?) The few of us left outside the stadium can look to quick results and stories online.