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From the Newsroom

DEAR READER: 'Dog days of summer' arrive, but the fault is in the stars

The phrase, "dog days of summer" dates to the Greeks and Romans.

Win tickets to the Missouri football season opener

You have until midnight Wednesday to enter to win two free tickets to Saturday's game against South Dakota State.

DEAR READER: On whether and when to send a journalist to Ferguson

The story of protest and confrontation is a local story for every community in the country, even when your journalists stay home.

DEAR READER: 'Word Crimes' creates complicated discussion of language

While comedian Weird Al's 'Blurred Lines' parody sparked a rewarding conversation about grammar, some take issue with statements made in the song.

DEAR READER: It's almost time again to get smart on politics

As the Aug. 5 election approaches, voters guides update Missouri residents about hot-button issues.

DEAR READER: How can I describe the perfect day?

A rare respite from the heat in July seemed to put everyone in a better mood. Executive Editor Tom Warhover imagines the perfect story to go along with the perfect week.

FROM THE NEWSROOM: Does the Missourian have a mission statement?

While the following principles might not read like a corporate mission statement, they do reflect our values. They were written by executive editor Tom Warhover based on the collective wisdom of our staff of editors in 2007, and they continue to guide our decisions.

DEAR READER: What Angela Anderson taught us about journalism, trauma

In following up on the story of Angela Anderson's family coping with the loss of two children, our newsroom learned a valuable lesson.

Win pizza with this scavenger hunt through the Missourian's archive

Find six answers in our archived news stories to be entered to win a $25 Shakespeare's Pizza gift card.

DEAR READER: Ask, and you will find yourself in the Indian Ocean

Slow news days beget curiosity, and executive editor Tom Warhover has quite a few questions he would like answered.

FROM THE NEWSROOM: How do Google Surveys work?

A program through Google presents one- or two-question surveys before users can read an article. Missourian members who are logged in do not see any surveys.

DEAR READER: It's ludicrous to say sexual assault victims are part of privileged class

In the conversation about sexual assault on campus, the UM System has taken one step forward, while George Will has taken two steps back.

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