Brendan Gibbons's Profile

Brendan Gibbons is a science journalist from Western Colorado specializing in environmental news. This is his latest incarnation. He has tried several times to fit his full resume on one sheet of paper without success. He's been a professional burrito roller, a personal care attendant, a gigging saxophonist, a barista and a bracelet salesman. His jobs in science have included studying birds of prey in Western Colorado and working in a plant genetics lab at the University of Missouri.

His adventures in journalism have been his favorite experiences, though. He got his start selling door-to-door newspaper subscriptions for his local paper. He has freelanced for the Grand Junction Free Press and Global Post. From 2008 through 2010, he was a staff writer for a web-only publication covering the ecommerce industry. He has interned as a copy editor in 2010 for Vietnamnet, an English-language news site based in Hanoi, Vietnam and worked as a reporter and copy editor for the Missourian.

As of January 2013, he is excited to be working on the enterprise beat for the Missourian and not excited about the break-up of the ska band he has played saxophone in for four years. His home life is unstable, as he currently resides with a drummer and a cat named Crack Rock.