Brian Kratzer's Profile

Director of photography, Columbia Missourian
Assistant professor, Missouri School of Journalism
Office phone: 573-884-0693
WHAT DO YOU DO AT THE MISSOURIAN? As the director of photography I work with a team of photo editors and staff photojournalists. We assign and coach photographers so they are able to go into our community and make the best documentary images possible. This might be in the form of still images, a gallery or a video. The photo editors work with the photographers in the Columbia Missourian newsroom as photo coaches, looking over the visuals together and determining what images tell the most creative and accurate story.
WHAT KIND OF JOURNALISM KEEPS YOU GOING? Documentary photojournalism and all sorts of visual storytelling. This might be in the form of a video, a gallery or an interactive graphic. I love to see how people solve difficult subjects visually.
WHAT IS YOUR WORK AND EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND? I was the assistant managing editor for online & multimedia at The Gainesville Sun, and, a New York Times publication in Florida. It was a wild job on the edge of photojournalism, video, live broadcasts and managing an online department. I hired the company’s first videographer. We covered two Gator football and two basketball Championships, and two Heisman ceremonies. Luckily for us one came out in favor of Tim Tebow, then of the University of Florida. In 1996 I started working for the Columbia Daily Tribune where I was a staff photographer and a photo editor. I’ve worked at papers in Moscow, Idaho, Great Falls, Montana and Eugene, Oregon. I have journalism degrees from Kansas State University and the Missouri School of Journalism. Over the years I had been an adjunct instructor for Missouri and Florida.
WHAT’S YOUR LIFE LIKE OUTSIDE OF WORK LIKE? My wife and I are proud of our two girls and twin boys. That should say a lot about what my life is like outside of the newsroom.
WHAT DO YOU LOVE ABOUT COLUMBIA? We returned to Columbia from Florida. This is a great town with seasons, friends, arts, trails and thousands of creative individuals.