Connor Relyea's Profile

Hi! This semester I will be one of the Missourian's copy editors working at the Interactive Copy Desk!

I was born in Joliet, Ill. and raised in the neighboring village of Shorewood. I'm the youngest of three kids, and also the farthest of the three of us away from home.

This is my third semester in the newsroom. I have previously worked as a reporter for the Missourian and Vox Magazine, and I worked on the Community Outreach team during fall 2013. I have also written for a comic book website as a reviewer and editor, and for the Columbia Business Times as an editorial intern. I've also dipped into some freelance work, and I hope to continue working as a freelance writer and editor.

I am a big fan of theatre and comic books. Any time I'm not in the newsroom or the classroom you can find me in the Rhynsburger theatre on MU's campus, watching Netflix, enjoying coffee or good company.

If you have any tips, information or friendly quips for me you can email me at