Danny Mathis's Profile

Danny Mathis is a senior dual-majoring in print and digital journalism and English with an emphasis in creative writing. A transfer student to Mizzou, Danny started his career in journalism as news editor of the U-News, the independent student newspaper of UMKC, where he worked for four semesters. At the Missourian, he is on the public life beat with editor Scott Swafford.

Danny is from Kansas City and wouldn’t mind moving back into the city if a job opportunity arose, though Columbia has definitely grown on him.

His interests change constantly. At the moment, he enjoys playing quad golf, which is golf on a smaller scale replacing the standard golf ball with a tennis ball. This minimizes broken windows and lost balls, as quad golf is usually played on impromptu courses wherever grass and obstacles can be found.

He will be reading Henry David Thoreau’s Walden this semester for the fourth time in his life.