Joe Dixon's Profile

Community beat reporter, Joe Dixon
Junior, Arts & Culture Journalism major
I am an aspiring journalist as well as a member of the Mizzou Wheelchair Basketball team., 952.956.4416, Twitter: @jadtgc, Blog:

WHAT DO YOU DO AT THE MISSOURIAN? This is my first year and semester on the Missourian staff and I couldn't be more excited. I am on the Community beat and I am looking forward to meeting many wonderful and interesting people that I would probably never meet otherwise. I am looking to keep expanding my portfolio for future career opportunities.

WHAT KIND OF JOURNALISM KEEPS YOU GOING? I love entertainment news. Contrary to what I think a lot of people believe, in my opinion entertainment news is so much more than just an update on Miley Cyrus' latest mishaps. I believe art in any form whether it is film, literature, television, paintings and sculptures or anything else that comes to mind plays an important role in our society and reflects the values that we hold in high esteem at any given time, and can convey important messages and lessons to a broad audience. For example, I can point to Rex Reed's review of the film "Identity Thief" as a recent example of this. Reed is a film critic for the Hollywood Reporter and penned a scathing review of the movie. One of his critiques was that McCarthy was too big to be a leading lady calling her a "hippo" and "tractor-sized." Reed faced immense backlash from his comments, which to me is a sign that we as a country are beginning to change our beauty ideals in a positive way and reflect that people of all shapes and sizes can be considered beautiful. In my opinion, these societal reflections are just as important as any breaking news story or hard-hitting investigative journalism.

WHAT'S YOUR BACKGROUND? I have been involved with journalism since high school. I was briefly involved with my school broadcast program for a year, but my true passion lay with newspaper. I was a section editor my junior year and helmed the paper as editor-in-chief my senior year. It was such a rewarding experience for me and a great way to begin my journalistic journey. I have been very busy here with my coursework at Mizzou and this past summer I had the opportunity to intern at Tiger Oak Publications in Minneapolis. As a Minnesota native, I was very pleased to get this internship. While there, I fact checked dozens of articles, wrote several shorter pieces and composed the monthly calendars for several different publications for a variety of issues.

WHAT'S YOUR LIFE OUTSIDE OF WORK LIKE? If I'm not in the newsroom, out reporting, doing other homework or in the gym for basketball you can most likely find me at Ragtag Cinema or another theatre around town. I am a true arts aficionado and see A LOT of movies every year. I think this bodes well for my future because I would like to become a film critic for a magazine or newspaper.

WHAT DO YOU LOVE ABOUT COLUMBIA? I love the strong dedication to the arts in Columbia. The True/False Film Festival is hands down my favorite event of the year and I love Ragtag as I mentioned before. I am definitely going to get a pass for this upcoming festival and I campaign for all of my out-of-town friends to come down and experience it with me. I am so excited I have (at least) one more year in Columbia because it is a very fun place to be.