Karol Ilagan's Profile

Public Life beat reporter, Fall 2014
Graduate student, Missouri School of Journalism

Email: kmilagan@mail.missouri.edu
Twitter: @KA_Ilagan

WHAT DO YOU DO AT THE MISSOURIAN? I worked for the Columbia Missourian in the fall of 2014. I covered the Public Life beat under the supervision of Prof. Scott Swafford.

WHAT’S YOUR BACKGROUND? I recently moved to Columbia from the Philippines to pursue graduate studies in journalism. I am on leave from an investigative nonprofit where I have worked for six years.

WHAT KIND OF JOURNALISM KEEPS YOU GOING? I am keen about learning methods in data journalism as a tool to enrich investigative reporting because most critical issues in governance are writ large upon digits and data. I think that data journalism is one of the best examples of how technology is used to improve reporting and widen access to information.

WHAT'S YOUR LIFE OUTSIDE OF WORK LIKE? I enjoy history, old movies and coffee only with my oxygen.