Lauren Hill's Profile

A Little About Me

My name is Lauren Hill and I am a reporter for the Columbia Missourian on the education beat. I am a junior at the University of Missouri-Columbia majoring in arts and culture journalism and minoring in film studies. I hail from LaGrange Park, IL, a southwest suburban 20 minutes from Chicago.

Journalism and Me

I remember reading the newspaper every morning before I went to school starting from the first time I could understand it. I first became a journalist in high school as an arts and entertainment editor on the school paper. I had no inkling that my new life had begun. I have written for the Maneater as a contributing writer and a blogger. I have written for Her Campus as a contributing writer. My dream job is to be a film critic for the Chicago Tribune, or any other publication where I can talk about my passion, the arts.

My Favorite Things

The arts! I am a singer, actress, dancer, passionate film-viewer, and bookworm. I don’t have a favorite movie; I have 50. Same goes for books. I have a love for musicals- “Wicked” being my absolute favorite (I’ve seen it 5 times).

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