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Sports reporter, Megan Armstrong
Undergraduate, Missouri School of Journalism., Twitter: meganKarmstrong Blog:

WHAT DO YOU DO AT THE MISSOURIAN? I report on anything that I'm told to report on related to sports. That part is easy: Just say yes. The beautiful part comes when finding that narrative nugget that might separate my story from past stories on the same team, sport or athlete. Sometimes, it works. And when it doesn't, I still learn something.

WHAT KIND OF JOURNALISM KEEPS YOU GOING? I want to make you feel something you didn't intend on feeling or think about something you've never thought about through long-form, narrative storytelling. It just so happens that sports contains a lot of those stories. Mostly because sports are filled with people, and people are complex. I would know. I am one.

WHAT’S YOUR BACKGROUND? I'm originally from Kansas City, Mo., where I grew up living in sports peril. I may have never seen a Kansas City team win a playoff game before, but I'll be ready to write about it when the day comes. I have run in three half marathons, which scored me my photo in an issue of Sports Illustrated. Upon coming to MU, I started co-hosting a sports talk radio show four days a week. Doing that for a year landed me in New York City last summer, interning for NBC Sports and a job at Now, I work at The Missourian, freelance for the Kansas City Star.

WHAT'S YOUR LIFE OUTSIDE OF WORK LIKE? I'm supposed to have a life outside of work? That's weird. In all seriousness, no matter where I am or what I'm experiencing, my mind is naturally generating a potential story. I even convinced myself that it was a good idea to begin writing my first fiction novel, which has nothing to do with sports though sports do sometimes feel fictional. Nevertheless, I do enjoy concerts, binge-watching Netflix and good people when I'm not writing.