Matt Veto's Profile

Matt Veto is a master's student in the Missouri School of Journalism and served as a graduate teaching assistant at the Columbia Missourian. He came to MU in August 2011. Veto taught J2100 News for three semesters and now teaches J2150 Multimedia — both introductory courses for MU sophomores pursing entry to the School of Journalism.

Veto has reported for KBIA Radio and has contributed to Vox Magazine. He was the Vox deputy editor in Fall 2012.

Before coming to MU, Veto spent six years reporting sports and news for The Dispatch and The Rock Island Argus — a daily newspaper located in the Quad-Cities and headquartered in Moline, Ill. In addition to writing, Veto produced multimedia projects and podcasts for the newspaper's website.

Veto began his professional career in radio, serving as the sports director at KCII Radio in Washington, Iowa.

He plans to pursue a doctoral degree and enter academia as a journalism professor and student media advisor — all while keeping one foot in the narrative-writing door.

Veto lives in Columbia with his wife, Stephanie, who teaches convergence classes at MU.