Allie Hinga's Profile

Allie Hinga is a graduate of the Missouri School of Journalism who wrapped up her time at MU in May 2014 with journalism and English majors. She hails from the suburbs of Houston, Texas — League City, to be exact.

Allie previously worked as an assistant city editor, copy editor, community reporter and education reporter for the Missourian. Following her graduation, she set off for her next adventure as an intern at the Kansas City Star. After that, she plans to find a place she likes just as much as Columbia where she can continue to serve her community as a journalist.

When she isn't reporting, Allie enjoys playing guitar, reading good books and volunteering. She particularly enjoys working with young people and has held a couple of camp counseling positions over the years. Those jobs have taught her the arts of leadership, creativity and enthusiasm. She also coaxed countless children through the last parts of all-day hikes.

Allie also enjoys blogging and often posts about her journalism experiences, as well as her thoughts about life in general, at

She can be reached at