Elise Schmelzer's Profile

Assistant city editor
Journalism, Spanish and Portuguese student at the University of Missouri

Twitter: @eliseschmelzer

My name is Elise and I like to tell stories. All kinds of stories. I love digging through mountains of court records, analyzing the strange weather patterns of the Midwest and scaring random high school students with my questions about drug trends in their schools. I hope that one day these strange interests may land me a job as a news wire reporter somewhere in Latin America. I would love to report on crime, immigration, women's issues and indigenous populations—I think there are so many stories there that are not being told.

When I'm not on the journalism grid, I enjoy horseback riding, hiking, national parks, reading Neruda and going to Stephen's Lake Park with friends.

If you have a question or concern about one of my stories or have a story that needs to be told, please do not hesitate to contact me through any of the ways listed above. I'd love to hear from you!