Hannah Baldwin's Profile

Public Safety Reporter
Graduate Reporting Student

WHAT DO YOU DO AT THE MISSOURIAN? I am a reporter on the public safety beat, covering cops, courts and crime in Columbia. I am particularly interested in Missouri's public defender system. Public safety appealed to me because I'm interested in the intersection of crime and poverty and how communities work to prevent violence. I also love to cover breaking news because it's fast and you have to think on your feet.

WHAT'S YOUR BACKGROUND? I'm originally from Chicago, though I have lived in several other states. My undergrad degrees in art history and French are from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. I served AmeriCorps as a literacy tutor from 2009-2010, which ignited my interest in poverty and issues associated with it. In 2011, I moved to Hanoi, Vietnam, to teach English at an international school. I taught writing and did a lot of photography while I was there. Eventually, I realized that I wanted to use those media to tell stories.