Hilary Weaver's Profile

Hilary Weaver
Reporter, Vox Magazine
Majors: Magazine Editing and English with an emphasis in non-fiction creative writing
Email: weaver.hilary@gmail.com
Cell Phone: (573) 353-9279

Hello! I’m Hilary Weaver and I am a senior in the journalism school at the University of Missouri. My path to Mizzou and the journalism school was a little less than typical. I began my freshman year at Seattle Pacific University and quickly realized that my place as a collegiate lay a little closer to my hometown of Jefferson City, Missouri. After a year in the Northwest, I packed my bags and headed back to Columbia and MU to pursue my journalistic dreams.

Since coming to MU, I've been a contributing writer for Vox Magazine in the summer of 2012 and a reporter for Vox in the spring of 2013. I am continuing with other magazine courses in the fall but have plans to return to Vox in some capacity in the near future.

I enjoy writing and reading stories that dare to go deeper in the exploration of their subjects. Long-form pieces that take weeks and months to compile fascinate me. I think the power of journalism reaches its full potential when someone or something can be better understood because of a story. I am a firm believer in what Nora Ephron said her mother always told her: “Everything is copy.” I am notorious among my friends for keeping multiple notebooks in my bags because some of the best stories come from the simple details of the day-to-day.