Hanna Jacunski's Profile

I am an undergraduate student at the University of Missouri, majoring in international news reporting and French language. Currently, I'm also debating between a napping minor and a coffee addiction minor.

Following graduation, I hope to serve as a volunteer with the Peace Corps. The "dream job" short list is: National Geographic, The Atlantic or an English newspaper in a francophonic country.

I lived for 12 years in north Texas, and my family now lives in Austin.

I am passionate about social justice, cancer fundraising and climbing on rocks. You can win your way into my favor with kale, jargon, show jumping, typography, Angelou, Shakespeare and Emerson.

Need to contact me?
Email: hanna.jacunski@gmail.com (Comments, story ideas and job offers welcome.)
Phone: 573-882-5720 (This is the newsroom phone: ask for me by name.)
Twitter: @hannajay_ (I promise you'll laugh at least once.)(Maybe.)
Blog: http://likeaslan.wordpress.com
Portfolio: http://bloglikeaslan.wix.com/hjacunski

You can also find me in the Missourian newsroom or the Starbucks on Ninth Street during most waking hours.