Isabel Casal-Nazario's Profile

It took me two days to learn to write the word dinosaur.

If you ask my mother, she recalls writing it for me on notebook paper, carefully leaving space in between letters, and watching me trace over them with my finger. A day later, she finds her living room wall ascribed with the word dinosaur in bright red crayon. The same story happened with the words moon, girl, cat, amongst many others.

My mother eventually stopped spelling out words for me, and cautiously filled my room walls with trace paper. According to her, the most curious part of it all was I never drew pictures of suns or portraits of families like any other child. “The wall was just filled with random words,” she once said.

I eventually stopped scribbling on walls and decided to move from my hometown of San Juan, Puerto Rico in order to pursue a journalism career at MU.

Some of my interests include: music, fashion and studying art history. I usually spend most of my time on blogs and thoroughly enjoy good food and travel.

I will be covering general assignments at the Missourian during the summer of 2013. Any doubts or concerns, feel free to email me at