Julie Dimas's Profile

I'm from the great city of Chicago and I love exploring new worlds—especially through a camera lens. If you don't find me with a camera in my hand during my free time, there is something wrong with me. I have come to love photography and am constantly striving to learn more. I'm far from being any good yet but I am so eager to develop my visual and artistic skills over time. I like to think that my blinking eye is like a constantly working shutter button---constantly trying to obtain images that mean something and evoke some kind of emotion from you.

My dreams are to aspire to become a professional photojournalist someday and travel the world, meet new people, and tell touching stories in an impactful way. Whether it is shooting a kid at his lemonade stand trying to raise money to rescue a puppy from an animal shelter or shooting poverty or violence in third world countries---I want my photos to say something about the human condition and leave a mark on my reader's heart.

In order to do so, first I will begin by working on my story telling and reporting skills during the Fall 2012 semester. I will be writing for the K-12 education beat at the Missourian and hope to write stories that add value, lessons, and insight to my readers.

If you would like to contact me about story ideas or just need someone to listen to your story, feel free to contact me through my email address (juliebdimas@gmail.com). If you would like to keep up with my photography endeavors feel free to visit my photography page on Facebook: Julie Dimas Photography.

Have a blessed day!