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My story begins with a letter.

That letter brought my mother, originally from Hong Kong, to Columbia, Mo., to attend the University of Missouri. In August of 1981, she packed her suitcases and flew more than 8,000 miles across the Pacific to study education.

After adjusting to the 13-hour time difference, being immersed into the Midwestern American culture and buying a suitable winter coat as the days grew crisper, she also became involved with the international student community. It was through this network that she met my father, originally from Taiwan, who was also new to the Columbia scene, his speciality with the School of Engineering.

Thirty years later, I'm here studying at the same university that brought together my culturally international family.

Born and raised in Columbia, I've grown up in a great community that I've grown to love. I received a letter of my own in September 2009 that led me to become a second-generation Missouri Tiger.

As a community beat reporter for the Missourian during the fall of 2012, I had the opportunity to share the stories of some of the amazing community members that make Columbia outstanding.

If you have any questions or comments about my reporting, I invite you to contact me at

My story begins with a letter; where does yours?