Kristi Luther's Profile

My first conscious memory of being compelled to write was in the 5th grade. And it began with allegations, false ones, of plagiarism. Go figure.

My essay for the D.A.R.E program (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) came in first place among my class. This meant I had to read it during our D.A.R.E graduation, a common experience for many grade-schoolers.

When I ran up to my mom after the ceremony, she pulled me aside and went to whisper what I thought would be a congratulatory "I love you" or "I'm proud of you."

"So one of your classmate's mothers just came up to me and asked if you had really written that story. She was pretty serious," she said, laughing.

As a "too cool for school" 5th grader, my parents hadn't even known about the assignment. I wrote it two nights before the due date and didn't tell them about it until it was announced that I won the essay contest.

However false the accusations were, I realized I was on to something. I since have strived to write in a way that is honest, thorough, and compelling. So I guess my time at the Missourian has been fated for a while.

I'm your Community Reporter, covering stories of real people in Columbia.

My emphasis is magazine writing with minors in Spanish and social justice. I've worked with relationship and sexual violence prevention on campus and really hope survivors of violence are represented properly and fairly by the media, an aspect I think needs some work.

Along with that, as an assistant summer camp director for several years, I love working with youth. Equal parts craziness and love, camp has definitely allowed me to become invested in what I do. Whether that's in Columbia or St. Louis my hometown.

I was a Missourian reporter during the Fall semester of 2012.

I can be contacted by email at