Katie Pohlman's Profile

I am a rising junior from Silver Spring, Maryland, right outside of Washington, D.C. I'm studying Journalism (with an emphasis in News Reporting) and Environmental Science at MU. I picked journalism because I love to write and learning about new things everyday. I hope to be an environmental reporter in the future.

I have also worked at the Montgomery County Gazette in Maryland.

WHAT DO YOU DO AT THE MISSOURIAN? I am a general assignment reporter for the summer. I write about anything and everything I possibly can. I'm excited to spend this time exploring stories that I thought I would never write before and expanding my interests in the meantime. I'm excited to try to write about my interests (environmental science) and find new ones I don't know about yet.

WHAT KIND OF JOURNALISM KEEPS YOU GOING? I love journalism that explains the important issues to the public. I want to be an environmental reporter in the future and a lot of that coverage area is complex and so far untouched by reporters. We need people who really know what they're talking about to cover it. I also love watchdog reporting that tells people the real stories behind an issue.

WHAT'S YOUR BACKGROUND? I'm from Silver Spring, Maryland but only lived there for about eight years. My mother is a diplomat so we've moved around a lot, living in Tunisia, Morocco, the Bahamas and Brazil. Traveling to beautiful tropical places is one of my passions and I wish I could do that for a living. I've loved to write ever since I could remember. I was in the newspaper club in elementary school and worked for my high school and college newspapers. I even used to write and produce a "family newspaper" will lovely clip art when I was younger.

WHAT'S YOUR LIFE OUTSIDE OF WORK LIFE? Outside of work, I love sports. I'm an avid fan of the Washington Redskins and Washington Nationals, and this summer, the World Cup. I also love to stroll downtown and sit on the columns, taking in the MU atmosphere.

WHAT DO YOU LOVE ABOUT COLUMBIA? MU and the columns and the ability to walk almost anywhere. There's an interesting vibe between the college community and the Columbia community. There's always someone interesting out there to talk to.

Email: katiepohlman@gmail.com
Twitter: @katiep_94
Blog: katiepohlman.com