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Kevin Modelski, Spring 2014 sports features writer with the Columbia Missourian
Sports journalism student at the University of Missouri


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WHAT I DO: I am a sports features writer for the Columbia Missourian, a city newspaper that serves the Columbia, Missouri, community. I am a former education beat writer for the Missourian, a role I served from January 2014-May 2014.

PERSONAL BACKGROUND: I come from the Schaumburg, Illinois, area, a Chicago suburb about 15 minutes from O'Hare International Airport. This is my fifth semester at MU and my second in my emphasis area of sports journalism.

PAST EXPERIENCE: In the past, I have written for the sports section of The Maneater and Zou Feed. I have also covered Columbia high school and Columbia College athletics for the Columbia Daily Tribune for a semester. I hosted my own rock radio show during my freshman year for KCOU, the on-campus, student-run station. This past summer, I was an intern for The Daily Herald, the third-largest newspaper in Illinois. While at The Daily Herald, I wrote a variety of breaking news pieces, obituaries, community event features and personality profiles.

FAVORITE TYPE OF JOURNALISM: Considering my background in sports writing and reporting, sports journalism is the one field that really interests me. Long form stories, features and in-depth analysis and commentary are the aspects of sports that intrigue me, since each of these forms of journalism break down and analyze the world of athletics in insightful ways. Some of my favorite sports writers are Wright Thompson, Hunter S. Thompson and Rick Reilly (from his Sports Illustrated days). I also have an inclination toward breaking news coverage, as it is brings out the instinctual side of reporters.

LIFE OUTSIDE OF WORK: When I'm not at the Missourian, you can find me playing guitar and writing music (poorly) in my apartment, watching TV or reading sports journalism. I also like to read books, lift and play football with my friends during my spare time.

WHAT I LIKE ABOUT COLUMBIA: I do like the small-town atmosphere of Columbia, even though it's a town with more than 100,000 citizens. It's a growing, yet tight-knit community of people who are very attentive to government, education, athletics and many other topics that thrive in this mid-Missouri city.