Makenzie Koch's Profile

Makenzie Koch, education reporter
Arts and Culture Journalism major, School of Journalism, 573-771-4601
Twitter: @makenzie_koch

WHAT’S YOUR BACKGROUND? I grew up in Odessa, Mo., a small rural town just outside of Kansas City. I was always actively involved in the theater, music and journalism departments in high school and worked at The Odessan, our local paper. Deciding between the arts and journalism when I went to college was difficult. In my first semester at MU, I discovered I could emphasize in arts and culture journalism, and I was thrilled. It is truly the best of both worlds for me.

WHAT'S YOUR LIFE OUTSIDE OF WORK LIKE? Beyond the Missourian, I am also a student staff member for the Department of Residential Life. I live in one of MU's residence halls with a large amount of college freshmen, trying to support them in personal and educational issues. I spend my free time watching movies or one of my many favorite TV shows. I'm also an undiagnosed reading addict. Every Christmas break, I read the Harry Potter series. As of Christmas 2013, I have read the series 10 times, which my friends typically find excessive.

WHAT DO YOU LOVE ABOUT COLUMBIA? I grew up in a pretty small town surrounded by other small towns, but I've always loved big cities. Columbia is a perfect mixture of the two. It is small enough to feel like a close community, but it is big enough that there is a thriving culture and plenty of options for eating out. I can see people I know when I go to HyVee or Panera, but I can meet new people every single day as well. Columbia is the best of both worlds, and I'm so fortunate to call this city my home.