Meredith Hood's Profile

Meredith Hood is an over-worked, under-exercised, family oriented 22- year-old in her third senior semester studying print and digital news.

Her Irish family consists four siblings (two sisters and two brothers), two dogs, one hamster and a sack of potatoes.

She lived in St. Louis for seven years before moving to Ohio. But her family returned to Missouri just in time for her to have a series of spectacularly mediocre social and educational escapades at Union High School.

Although, as a senior the local newspaper recruited area teenagers to write for a weekend feature page. The page, My MO, was recognized by the Newspaper Association of America as the first teen page established by a non-daily newspaper.

When she's not writing she's likely to be playing badminton, cooking something delicious, laughing with friends and family, reading a book, listening to NPR, committing pop culture factoids to memory or watching a Harry Potter movie.