Quint Smith's Profile

I believe that no person can be free without accurate and easily accessible information. There is nothing more valuable, and I look forward to spending my life fighting to make sure that information is available to the public.

It took me some time to figure out that journalism was my calling. Along the way, I tried my hand at operatic singing, computer information systems, and economics.

I’ve always been curious by nature, and journalism provides me with a platform to satisfy that curiosity. As soon as I started telling other people’s stories I knew this was the only profession I could love enough to make it my life's work.

My passion is multimedia. I love seeing how mediums come together to tell a more complete story. I hope I never think of myself as a photographer, author, radio reporter or videographer for that matter. I want to be a storyteller who combines different mediums to produce a finished product that provides the audience with a more complete vision of the truth about their world.

Currently I am a Staff Photographer and Multimedia TA here at the Columbia Missourian.