Matthew Schacht's Profile

During Fall of 2012, I reported on government and politics and produced infographics (charts, maps and graphs).

In addition. I interned at the Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture, an urban farm that promotes gardening and local food.

Durring Fall of 2011, I reported on the enterprise beat, which is a catchall beat for any stories that don't fall into the regular categories of reporting.

One of the reasons I love working at the Missourian is because the newspaper's mission is to serve the public and promote dialogue. We're not supposed to be about sensation. We should about stories. We're not trying to shock and awe readers, but instead offer a little more meaning in a complicated world.

If you would like to visit the newsroom, stop by during a morning budget meeting. Budget meetings are where we discuss upcoming stories. They are held every workday at 11am on the third floor of Lee Hills Hall, across the street from the University of Missouri.

If you want to contact me, my email is I'm also on facebook (Matt Schacht) and twitter (@MatthewSchacht).