Shelby Kardell's Profile

Photojournalist at the Columbia Missourian.


WHAT IS YOUR BACKGROUND? I was born and raised in St. Louis, where I grew up with my parents, sister and 4 to 5 cats at any given time. I spent the majority of my childhood dancing ballet, playing piano and taking pictures anywhere and everywhere. I was drawn to photojournalism in college when I decided I needed to find something rewarding to do with my life, where I could make a tangible difference in my community. I firmly believe that it is passion for what we do that makes us great and not the money or titles we earn.

WHAT IS YOU LIFE OUTSIDE OF THE MISSOURIAN LIKE? During my time not spent on assignment, it is still spent taking pictures! I love Instagraming on the run.

When not taking pictures, I can either be found at the piano or on the water. I am currently working on Liszt's Liebestraum No.3. and am also an avid water skier, having spent a good deal of my childhood slalom skiing on the clear waters of Bull Shoals lake.

WHAT DO YOU LOVE ABOUT COLUMBIA? I love the diversity that exists within Columbia. Columbia is a very supportive community that encourages interaction among a wide variety of people, which I believe is crucial to a healthy community.

The city is also very supportive of the fine arts, which I fully support. As President Obama recently said, "the arts and humanities aren't just there to be consumed when we have a free moment. We need them like medicine. They help us live."