Taylor Malottki's Profile

I started working at the Missourian in August of 2012 as a reporter for the Enterprise beat. I continue my work in the newsroom for the summer of 2013 as an advanced reporter.

As a student at the University of Missouri School of Journalism I am working towards obtaining a degree in Print News with an emphasis in Health-Science News. I am also working towards minors in both Economics and English.

I have a passion for learning new, quirky information and utilizing that knowledge to help those around me.

I enjoy writing about agriculture, economics, personal profiles and the occasional poem. I've also written one or two raps, but my talents don't serve me quite as well in that field.

I'm an oddball and the type of person who accidentally leaves a zucchini in her purse. True story.

My favorite part about being a journalist is having the opportunity to dive into a community and immersing myself in its culture. Hopefully this will serve me well when I attempt to tackle new things once I graduate next year.

When I'm not busy in the newsroom, I love crafting, reading, watching Disney movies (or early '90s action flicks) and eating lots of delicious food.